Thursday, 15th June 2023 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Seminole Theatre
18 N. Krome Avenue, Homestead, FL, US


Introducing the captivating world of "The Addams Family: Young Chronicles," a thrilling and delightful new show that takes us back to the origins of this iconic and macabre family. Set in the early years of the eccentric Addams clan, this series unravels the untold tales of their peculiar and spooky lives, filled with humor, mischief, and a dash of darkness. "The Addams Family: Young Chronicles" invites viewers on an enchanting journey through the formative years of Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, and Lurch. Set in the gothic realm of their ominous mansion, each episode unearths the peculiar adventures and misadventures that molded them into the beloved characters we know today. Step into Gomez Addams' shoes, a dashing and debonair young man with a taste for the bizarre. Follow his courtship of Morticia, a bewitching and mysterious woman who captures his heart with her ethereal charm. Witness the unconventional love story that forms the bedrock of the Addams family, as they navigate the challenges of acceptance in a world that struggles to understand their unconventional ways. Explore the mischievous escapades of Wednesday and Pugsley, the delightfully wicked siblings who find endless fascination in the strange and peculiar. From their hair-raising pranks to their peculiar hobbies, these young Addamses inject a touch of dark humor into their everyday lives. With a peculiar fascination for all things morbid, they embrace the eerie and spooky, never failing to entertain or surprise. Uncle Fester, the eccentric and electrifying uncle, is always experimenting with the unusual. Witness his early ventures into inventing, where explosions and chaos are just part of the process. And let's not forget Grandmama, the enchanting matriarch who weaves spells and potions, infusing the Addams home with a magical aura. Of course, no Addams Family story is complete without Lurch, the towering and loyal butler who serves as the family's steadfast rock. Though his stoic nature belies his warm heart, Lurch is always there to lend a hand (or a hauntingly deep voice) whenever his peculiar family needs him. "The Addams Family: Young Chronicles" immerses audiences in a world of delightful darkness, where the strange becomes the norm, and every day is an adventure filled with oddities and surprises. Uncover the roots of this captivating family and witness their transformation from extraordinary individuals into the legendary Addams Family we've come to adore. So, take a seat in the gloomy parlor, prepare for ghoulish laughter, and join us on this extraordinary journey into the twisted and enchanting world of "The Addams Family: Young Chronicles."

Welcome to Alouettes Academy, where creativity and talent take center stage! Located in the vibrant city of Miami, our academy is a hub for aspiring artists and performers of all ages and backgrounds. At Alouettes Academy, we believe in nurturing the artistic potential of each individual and providing a platform for self-expression and growth. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting your artistic journey, our experienced and passionate instructors are here to guide you every step of the way. Our curriculum is diverse and comprehensive, covering a wide range of performing arts disciplines. From acting and singing to dancing and musical theater, we offer a rich selection of classes that cater to various interests and skill levels. Our classes not only focus on honing technical skills but also on fostering creativity, building confidence, and instilling a deep appreciation for the arts. Beyond the classroom, Alouettes Academy takes pride in its vibrant and inclusive community. We foster a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, encouraging students to connect, collaborate, and build lifelong friendships with fellow artists. We also organize regular showcases, recitals, and performances where students can showcase their talents and gain invaluable stage experience. Whether you dream of gracing the Broadway stage, starring in movies, or simply want to explore your passion for the performing arts, Alouettes Academy is the place to be.

Tickets are also available at the Box Office Thurs-Sat 12pm-5pm 

All sales are final. There are no refunds for any reason except event cancellation.

Please note: This production, meeting or event is not presented or produced by the Seminole Theatre, Oak View Group or the City of Homestead. The Seminole Theatre acts as a rental venue for groups and promoters of all types. The production values, views and opinions do not reflect those of the Seminole Theatre.

All orders carry a transaction fee. All sales are final unless the event is cancelled, patrons would then get the choice of a refund, credit or pick a different show.All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Lap seat tickets are available for select performances. All sales are final. There are no refunds for any reason except event cancellation.

It is the policy of the Seminole Theatre to comply with all of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The facility is accessible and assistive listening devices are available in the main auditorium. To request materials in accessible format, and/or any accommodation to attend an event at the Seminole Theatre, please contact the box office 786-650-2073, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at least five days in advance to initiate your request, TTY users may also call 711 (Florida Relay Service).


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The Theatre originally opened on November 26, 1921 as a cinema, primarily showing the then popular silent movies. The Seminole Theatre quickly became the place to go for entertainment and social gatherings in South Dade County and the upper Keys.

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